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TYCO Flow Control Keystone

TYCO ( KEYSTONE) Valves & Controls India Pvt Ltd. Which is subsidiary of TYCO Group, USA, Who are the manufactures of Butterfly Valves, and metal seated Butterfly Valves for Steam application.

They also manufuctures Butterfly valves for special applications
Butterfly Valves
A versatile range of resilient seated quarter turn butterfly valves, available in various designs, configurations and materials to match all specifications.

• Size range from DN40 - DN2400
• Pressure rating from full vacuum to PN20
• Temperature range from -10°C +160°C

Hygienic Butterfly Valves
Stainless steel hygienic butterfly for isolation and control, in the food, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical, beverage and chemical industries.

• Size range DN25 - DN150
• Pressure range from from full vacuum uo to PN20
• Temperature range from -10°C +95°C
• Flange connections wafer style, and various other    connections like IDF/FIL male part, Butt weld (std) for    RJT/BSM male part, Clamp connection
High Performance Butterfly Valves
The HiLok range of metal seated, firesafe, high performance butterfly valves to ASME/DIN/JIS standards for fully rated applications in the marine, water, oil, gas and process industries.

• Size range from DN50 - DN700 (larger diameters on    request)
• Pressure range PN10/16/24, ASME class 150/300
• Temperature range from -50ºC +450ºC

Check Valves
• Size range from DN40 - DN300
• Pressure range up to PN20
• Temperature range from -30°C +160°C
• Flange accommodation PN 6/10/16/25, ASME class   150/300, JIS 5/10/16/20/30

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